How to pay with a Egift card

Choose "Cash on delivery" during checkout if you would like to give your shipping info there, Otherwise, if you have already filled out the recipient form it is not necessary to use the checkout. 

You can continue to pay with an Egift card, for more details on how to create a shipping label WITHOUT a FedEx  account use the links below.

For the FedEx label, you will purchase with a credit/ debit card on

Click the images once to enlarge for more detail to see what address to enter when making the Fedex label.

Fedex Ship Lite click here or link above

Create label 2nd option - YOU MAY ALSO HAVE ME CREATE A FEDEX "AIR BILL " IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE CHARGED THROUGH A CREDIT CARD OR ARE HAVING TROUBLES WITH THE SELF SHIP USING FEDEX LITE. Please contact me for help with this. Rate may be slightly higher than Fedex One Rate see rate table HERE.

Shipping label option 3: If you have a fedex account number set up with a credit card for billing by 3rd parties a label can also be created and billed to the account number

option 4: Call fedex and create a "return label" over the phone and have it emailed to

Pay  Paypal donate link 

or w with an Egift card from 

Send Egift card along with the prepaid shipping label  to

 The Egift card only needs the name and email entered to send Digitally see screen shots below